The Brightness of Goth Darkness

There is still a religion called Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrianism divides the world in terms of forces of darkness and forces of light

And the idea is that the world, really, is a balance of good and bad. And that for life to continue, these forces have to be held in balance.

In a way, it’s kind of similar to the yin and yang philosophy inherent in the Tao of China. One of the most fascinating books that I’ve read was a Taoist book, the Tao Te Ching.

In one of the passages in the Tao, the philosopher Lao Tzu teaches the reader that we should not get all excited about stuff that exists. In other words, we shouldn’t get excited about the stuff that we normally are drawn to or that we take a lot of pleasure, comfort and inspiration from.

What he was saying was that for things to exist, there has to be nothing. Nothing and existence have to be in balance for us to enjoy the things that exist.

To bring home his point, he said, “A pot is worthless unless it has an empty space inside.” Absolutely right. Where are you going to put the water? Where are you going to put the contents of the pot? In the empty space.

And it’s only because of this empty space that the stuff, the clay, the plastic, the rubber or what have you, making up the pot has value. It is because of the empty space. And it really struck me like a crystal bullet because this is the essence of goth darkness.

A lot of people make a big deal out of the fact that goth people are into darkness, death, decay, disappointment, backstabbing, destruction, pain, disease, degeneration, cancer, AIDS, or what have you. But what they don’t get is that the darkness has to be there and it has to be dealt with.

So in this context, they took emo, which is really a distinct movement from goth, and confused it with goth. Because there are people who can wear bright clothing, who can be very boisterous, happy and positive, but who are still emo.

The essence of emo is really emotional authenticity and sincerity. In other words, the guiding principle of emo is to be yourself and to be the fullest version of yourself. That is an enlightening and encouraging message.

And unfortunately, that was crushed by the media. And not only did it slander the gothic movement, it also dragged down the emo movement. And for what? A few ad clicks here and there. That’s the bottom line.

It really is quite sad, but hey, that’s how the market works. And if you know somebody who’s doing something negative, chances are, they’re doing it because there is some sort of incentive for them to do it.

If we do not want the media to engage in these shenanigans further, we should only do one thing because that one thing would be enough. What is this one thing that we could do? We can stop clicking on ads.

We can stop reading these stories. We can stop being part of the problem. That is the difference between the gothic and emo movements, as well as the gothic and emo fashion.

A lot of the emo dark clothing that is passed off as solely or exclusively emo is actually just the gothic stream of emo. But emo actually has many different flavors. There is western emo, there is ska emo, there is Asian modern emo.

It really is sad because emo, for all intents and purposes, is dead. And the media killed it.

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The Brightness of Goth Darkness
There is still a religion called Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrianism divides the world in terms of forces of darkness and forces of light...