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This website was originally called Dracula in a Box. We’re big into gothic clothing.

We’re also big into alternative poetry, lifestyle issues, as well as the wide range of fashion accessories.

The creativity and imagination of people in the goth movement really doesn’t stop amazing me. I mean that as an understatement because this website is full of all sorts of makeup, jewelry, boots, footwear, virtual goods, T-shirts, and everything and anything produced by the goth community.

I’m not just talking about people who live in North America, mind you. These are people from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, many parts of Asia like Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Singapore, you name it.

This is a global community. And as long as you can speak English or you know enough English, you can communicate with all other lovers and admirers of anything and everything related to the goth movement.

With that said, Drac-in-a-Box or, to use our long name, Dracula in a Box, we need your help. Really, we do.

Well, we’re not asking for money. We need something far more precious. We need your attention.

You see, when you click on links here, please understand that they are on an as-is basis. In other words, using good faith efforts, we have gathered all the resources we can from the internet involving anything and everything related to the goth lifestyle.

Unfortunately, some of these resources may have dead links. Maybe they have moved to another domain, maybe they have moved pages around, or they may have died. That’s just a part of life.

If you’re into goth, you know that life is life, and death is death, and they are joined at the hip. To live one more day is to die sooner one more day. You know that. That’s basic gothic philosophy.

So anyway, death, as far as websites are concerned, is a common thing. And we need your help if you’ve been clicking through the link and you’ve been ending up at a “page not found” or some sort of redirect page and the domain simply won’t load. We need to be notified because we want to fix those dead links.

Also, we need your help if you know of any kind of resource related to the goth movement. Maybe there’s a goth fan page or some sort of goth revival band in your neck of the woods. If that’s the case, do let us know so we can post up their profile.

If you can gather information from local bands or local goth heroes that you know, do step up. We’d love to post that material here and give them free publicity. We’re all about helping the community.

But the problem is, this will only work if enough members of the community would step up and take the initiative to get the tidal wave or chain reaction of helping, participating and organizing going. Can we count on you? Great. Fill out the form below.


Don’t be a stranger. We would like to hear from you as much as possible.

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