What is So Awesome About Gothic Culture?

So what is awesome about wearing all black? What is awesome about drinking bone marrow soup?

What is so awesome about listening to industrial music or hanging out at really edgy art and fashion shows?

I’m talking about art and fashion shows that have no official sponsors and have no official approval. These are completely underground, completely rebellious art movements.

What’s so awesome about everything and anything related to goth? Well, it really all boils down to the bravery or the courage to look at life as complete. That’s really the essence of goth philosophy.

Because the media makes a big deal of the fact that a lot of goth poets and goth musicians talk about loss, betrayal, pain, decay, death, suffering, disease, depression, suicide. They make a big deal out of that.

They say, “Oh, this is a very negative movement. This is a very nihilistic. It is all about self harm, it is all about suicide, destruction, negativity, depression.”

In other words, the media plays up only one significant aspect of the goth sensibility. But when you look at the complete philosophy, it is actually one of the most life-affirming or experience-affirming fashion, literary, and artistic movements in a long, long time.

You see, life is a cycle. For a plant to grow, it must first be planted into the ground. In other words, it has to be buried. And for that seed to achieve that form that it can be buried, the fruit has to die. It has to decay.

Have you ever seen decaying fruit? Well, let me tell you, it doesn’t look good and it doesn’t smell pleasant either. Oftentimes, it smells. Oftentimes, it develops worms. It rots from the inside out. It is not pleasant at all. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

But that needs to happen so the seed can be released and the new beautiful plant that everybody just has fallen in love with could happen.

And what is the highest point of a plant’s career? Well, it’s the flower.

Everybody’s in love with flowers. But little do they know that there’s a lot of death, there’s a lot of manure, there’s a lot of smelly stuff, there’s a lot of rotting.

And the whole goth perspective is really a celebration all of life itself, with a special emphasis on the stuff that we’re not supposed to see.

We make a big deal of the stuff that’s supposed to be unpleasant because that speaks millions of volumes regarding the real essence of life. And it really all boils down to an authentic, sincere celebration of all aspects of life.

We’re not just focused on the flower. We also focus on the cow manure, the death, the wilting, and the rot that is involved in the process to produce one beautiful harvest after another. That is what’s so awesome about the gothic culture because it gets to the reality of people’s personalities.

We can stop lying to each other for a while. We can stop presenting the best side of our lives for a while. Instead, we should just focus on being real and showing all the different aspects that make us who we are.

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