About Drac In A Box

This website was the product of a question I asked a friend of mine

I was really getting into the whole proto-goth movement. Now, proto-goth is actually quite distinct from the stereotypical goth lifestyle that you have heard in the mass media.

Usually, when people talk about goth, they talk about people who dye their hair really, really black, wear all sorts of black makeup, black eyeliner, black clothing, the whole nine yards. That’s kind of the movie image or the mainstream media depiction of this movement.

The proto-goth movement focuses primarily on the poetry as well as the distinct historical branching off or split from the transcendental or the romantic literary movement that was very big in Europe in the 1820s and made its way to the United States around the 1830s.

If you read Edgar Allan Poe, that is proto-goth. It’s not quite there yet, but it played a major role in the streams of thought regarding what is goth, its sensibility, as well as its internal contradictions and debates with mainstream romanticism as it was taking root both in the eastern part of the United States and its universities as well as in England.

Proto-goth is really more literary than anything. So I was really into proto-goth and was really exploring the sublime beauty of things that are supposed to disappoint people.

It’s easy to get excited about a child being born. It’s easy to get excited about a new job, making a lot of money, living in a great house, enjoying the best things that life has to offer. But for us to accept that, we cannot reject the other part of life as well.

Life is like the earth. There is always a dark side. For you to enjoy the beauty, radiance, glory and refreshing vigor and rebirth that the sunlight and the morning brings to the table, you have to open your mind to the fact that there has to be a sunset.

Where do you think the sunrise comes from? It’s because there was a sunset. Where do you think the great rays of the day and the sunlight come from? Well, that’s because there was pitch black darkness the night before.

For there to be day, there has to be night. For there to be good, there has to be evil. And unfortunately, we live in the west, where we trick ourselves into thinking that these are two totally, diametrically opposed theories.

These cannot meet. These cannot blend. They do not have anything to do with each other. They destroy each other, and so on and so forth.

We tell each other all these lies, but no, they are actually interwoven. And that is the beauty of the proto-goth movement.

And my question to my friend was, “Where is this movement now? What do people look like? How do they express themselves?”

So we went to a poetry slam. This is basically a coffee shop where people have poetry contests and spoken word, and everybody there was really into the proto-goth and early goth movement. And that’s where the idea of this website began.

I wanted to build an online home where people who are fascinated about this view of the world will come to let their hair down, so to speak. When they come here, they’re not going to get judged, they’re not going to be put in a neat little box, they’re not going to be classified.

In other words, we’re going to dispense with the regular games. Instead, we encourage everybody to say everything that they know about the goth movement.

If you have your own distinct spin, if you have your own set of experiences regarding the early goth, late goth or modern goth movements, please share. Please share your photos, network with each other, and most importantly, share your arts and crafts.

There are a lot of shirts that we sell. We also promote other people’s mugs, household items, poetry books, you name it.

This is supposed to be a warm, nurturing yet clear-headed embrace of everything and anything related to the goth lifestyle, world view and perspective.

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